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Volume 13, Number 2 (2/2017)
Review Article <page. 53-9 >

A Systematic Review of Validation Studies on Depression Rating Scales in Korea, with a Focus on Diagnostic Validity Information : Preliminary Study for Development of Korean Screening Tool for Depression

Sooyun Jung, MA1;Shin-Hyang Kim, MA1;Kiho Park, BA1;Eunju Jaekal, MA1;Won-Hye Lee, PhD2;Younyoung Choi, PhD3;Seung-Hwan Lee, MD, PhD4; and Kee-Hong Choi, PhD1;

1;Department of Psychology, Korea University, Seoul, 2;Department of Clinical Psychology, National Center for Mental Health, Seoul, 3;Department of Adolescent Counseling, Hanyang Cyber University, Seoul, 4;Department of Psychiatry, Ilsan Paik Hospital, Inje University College of Medicine, Goyang, Korea

Reliable and valid diagnostic screening tools in the primary care setting enable accurate estimation of depression in individuals at risk or in need of treatment, and provide patients with an opportunity to receive optimal treatments. Although there have been extensive studies on screening tools for depression used in domestic mental health settings, there is little consideration and lack of a thorough review of the diagnostic validity of screening tools. In the current review, we selected 13 representative screening tools for depression which were evaluated in a total of 19 validation studies conducted in Korea. We summarized DSM-5 target domains, diagnostic indices, sensitivity, specificity, cut-off scores, and diagnostic validity information for each tool. Finally, the depression measurement expert group was constituted to evaluate the current status of screening tools for depression, and their recommendations for a new screening tool were summarized. This study was conducted as part of the Mental Health Technology Development project to develop the Korean screening tool for depression (K-DEP).

Key words : Major depressive disorder;Screening tool;Diagnostic validity;Development of a scale;Evidence-based assessment.

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