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Volume 14, Number 1 (1/2018)
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The Effect of Spirituality on Depression and Psychological Well-Being in Undergraduate Students

Jung-Sik Lee, MD, PhD1;Han-sung Kim, MD1;Seung-rie Han, MD, PhD1;Seung-Min Han, MD1;Sun Choi, MA2; and Seo-hyeon Kim, MA2;

1;Department of Psychiatry1, 2;Clinical Psychology, Yong-In Mental Hospital, Yongin, Korea

Objective : The aims of this study are to investigate the correlation between spiritual well-being and the pattern of stress coping strategies, as well as understand how they impact depression and psychological well-being.

Methods : We analyzed 320 undergraduate students in a capital area (135 males, 170 females; 15 students who answered irrelevantly were excluded). Spiritual well-being (religious and existential), stress coping strategies (active and passive), psychological well-being and, depression were rated using the Spiritual Well-Being scale, Ways of Coping checklist, Psychological Well-Being measurement, and Depression Scale (CES-D), respectively. For the analysis, we utilized Pearson correlation analysis and simple regression analysis.

Results : The analysis revealed a positive correlation between Spiritual well-being and active coping strategies, a negative correlation between existential well-being and depression, and a positive correlation between religious well-being and psychological well-being. By regression analysis, it showed spiritual-well being affected depression negatively. Existential well-being, but not religious well-being, affected depression negatively. Furthermore, the impact of existential well-being on depression remained a strong predictor in males better than females. Existential well-being affected psychological well-being positively through active coping strategies.

Conclusion : In this study, we verified a correlation between existential well-Being and active coping strategies which affected depression and psychological well-being in undergraduate students.

Key words : Spirituality;Depression;Psychological well-being.

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