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Volume 14, Number 1 (1/2018)
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Association between Self-Reported Sleep Duration and Depression or Suicidal ideation in Korean Adolescents

Eunhee Shin, MPH, PhD

Department of Nursing Science, Sangji University, Wonju, Korea

Objective : The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between self-reported sleep duration and depression or suicidal ideation in Korean adolescents.

Methods : The data obtained from the 11th Korea Youth Risk Behavior Web-Based Survey (KYRBWS) were analysed. 68,043 students from 797 schools participated in this nationwide survey.

Results : 53.7% of male students and 68.4% of female students had reported that a weekday sleeping duration of less than 6 hours. When the depression and suicidal ideation were analyzed by age, the odds ratio was higher in middle-school students than in high-school students. Both male and female students showed a higher risk of depression and suicidal ideation when sleeping duration was less than 5 hours and the risk was slightly higher in boys than in girls.

Conclusion : Insufficient sleep duration in Korean adolescents increases depression and suicidal ideation, and these results differ according to age and gender.

Key words : Adolescent;Sleep duration;Depression;Suicidal ideation.

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