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Volume 15, Number 1 (1/2019)
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Influence of Fear about Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Event of Hospital Worker and General Public on Socio-Psychological Health : Mediating Effect of Posttraumatic Stress

Shinil Kim, MD1;Taehyung Kim, MD, PhD1;Malrye Choi, MD, PhD1;Joori Jeong, MD1;Hyukmin Kwon, MD1;Hyoungwook Kim, MD1,2;Byoungjo Kim, MD, PhD1,3; and Hunjeong Eun, MD, PhD, DBA1;

1;Department of Neuropsychiatry, Presbyterian Medical Center-Jesus Hospital, Jeonju, 2;Kim Hyeongwook Psychiatric Clinic, Jeongeup, 3;Healing Forest Psychiatric Clinic, Jeonju, Korea

Objective : The objective of this study is to determine the effects of fear of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) on socio-psychological health during an outbreak of MERS and the post-traumatic stress as a mediator on the relationship between stress and socio-psychological health.

Methods : Visual Analog Scale, Impact of Event Scale -Revised, Psychosocial well-being index short form was implemented for 150 medical persons who worked at the hospital in which exposure to MERS cases had been confirmed and 96 ordinary people. A Pearson correlation coefficient and a hierarchical multiple regression was carried out to confirm the effect of fear of MERS and the mediating effect of post-traumatic stress between fear and socio-psychological health.

Results : The higher the fear, the lower the socio-psychological health in both healthcare workers and the public (r=0.32, p<0.01) and the higher post-traumatic stress (r=0.32, p<0.01). But, the research results showed that only healthcare workers had a partially mediating effect of post-traumatic stress in the relationship between fear and socio-psychological health (β=0.45, t=6.33 p<0.001), (β value : 0.39>0.26).

Conclusion : This study demonstrated that the post-traumatic stress can indirectly lead to a negative effect on the socio-psychological health of healthcare workers when under the fear of MERS and shows adverse effects on psycho-social wellbeing. This suggests that clinical intervention and psycho-social approach aiming at reducing post-traumatic stress is important to maintain mental health during crisis development.

Key words : Middle east respiratory syndrome;Fear;Socio-psychological health;Post-traumatic stress.

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