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Volume 16, Number 1 (1/2020)
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The Relationship Between Job Stress and Depressive Disorder Among Emotional Laborers in a City

Jun Ho Jang, MD1;Yu Jeong Lee, MD1;Sang Jun Lee2;Jong-Chul Yang, MD, PhD1,3;Tae Won Park, MD, PhD1,3;Jong-Il Park, MD, PhD1,2,3; and Sang-Keun Chung, MD, PhD;

1;Department of Psychiatry, Jeonbuk National University Medical School, Jeonju, 2;Jeonju Mental Health Welfare Center, Jeonju, 3;Research Institute of Clinical Medicine of Jeonbuk National University-Biomedical Research Institute of Jeonbuk National University Hospital, Jeonju, Korea

Objective : The purpose of our study was to investigate the relationship between job stress and depressive disorder among emotional laborers in a city.

Methods : A total of 677 emotional laborers living in Jeonju-city participated in this study. The participants completed survey questions regarding demographic characteristics, job stress (using the Korean Occupational Stress Scale-24, KOSS-24), and depression (the Patient Health Questionnaire-9, PHQ-9). Logistic regression was performed to estimate the association between job stress and depression.

Results : Our results indicated that 34.9% of the participants had a high risk of total job stress and 21.7% of participants had depression. In the multivariate logistic regression analysis, female sex (OR=1.66, 95% CI=1.01-2.72) and total job stress (OR=3.84, 95% CI=2.57-5.75) were significantly associated with depression after adjusting for confounding factors. Among the subscales of job stress, job demand (OR=3.06, 95% CI=1.99-4.72) and occupational climate (OR=1.88, 95% CI=1.19-2.97) were significantly associated with depression. But insufficient job control, interpersonal conflict, job insecurity, the organizational system and lack of rewards were not.

Conclusion : Among the emotional laborers, job stress, particularly job demand and occupational climate, were major contributing factors associated with depression. Early screening and preventive strategies focusing on job stress could reduce the impact of depression in emotional laborers.

Key words : Depression;Job stress;Emotional laborers.

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