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Volume 16, Number 1 (1/2020)
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Comparison of the Response Inhibitory Event Related Potential between Suicide Attempt and Ideation

Ji Sun Kim, MD;Young Joon Kwon, MD, PhD; and Se-hoon Shim, MD, PhD

Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine, Soonchunhyang University Cheonan Hospital, Cheonan, Korea

Objective : There have been limited scientific studies differentiating those who attempt suicide from those who think about suicide but do not attempt suicide. Altered event-related potential (ERP) performance, such as GoNogo ERP has been regarded as the neurocognitive processes associated with behavioral inhibition and poor impulse control. The purpose of this study was to investigate the association between Nogo ERP and suicide attempt.

Methods : A total of 63 participants (33 participants with suicide ideation and 30 with suicide attempt) were recruited, and performed GoNogo tasks during the electroencephalogram measurement. Depression, anxiety, emotional regulation and impulsivity were evaluated by self-rating scales. The clinical measures and Nogo P3 component were compared between the groups. The correlational analyse was conducted to evaluate the relationship between the clinical characteristics and the Nogo P3 component.

Results : Participants with suicide attempt significantly decreased the Nogo P3 amplitudes at the frontal-central electrode than participants with suicide ideation (p=0.004, FDR adjusted p=0.032). In the correlation analysis, the Nogo P3 amplitude at frontal-central electrode was correlated with the total score of the Barrett impulsivity scale (r=-0.383, p=0.002), attentional impulsivity (r=-0.365, p=0.003) and motor impulsivity (r=-0.389, p=0.002) subscales of the Barrett impulsivity scale.

Conclusion : These findings suggest that the decreased Nogo P3 amplitude may be one of the candidates of biological marker for poor impulse control in those who attempt suicide.

Key words : Suicide attempt;Suicide ideation;GoNogo ERP;Impulsivity.

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