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대한불안의학회지 (18권1호 10-16)

Effect of Mindful Self-Compassion Training on Anxiety, Depression and Emotion Regulation

Sunghwan Kim, MD1, Yungsook Song, PhD2, and Kyoung-Uk Lee, MD, PhD1

Department of Psychiatry, Uijeongbu St. Mary’s Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea, College of Medicine, Uijeongbu, Department of Buddhist Studies, College of Buddhist Studies and Culture, Dongguk University, Seoul, Korea


Objectives : The present study examined the effectiveness of the mindful self-compassion (MSC) pro- gram on anxiety, depression, self-compassion and emotion regulation.

Methods : A total of 29 subjects (mean age 27.5±6.5 years, 15 males and 14 females) participated in a stan- dardized 8-week MSC program. The control group consisted of age- and sex-matched twenty participants (mean age 26.0±2.9 years, 11 males and 9 females). All subjects completed self-report measurements at two weeks before and after the MSC program.

Results : MSC training improved self-compassion as demonstrated by the significant group x time interac- tion effects on the total Self-Compassion Scale scores (F[1, 47]=8.324, p<0.01). Regarding the subscale scores, a significant improvement in self-kindness, isolation and mindfulness components of self-compassion was observed after MSC training. A significant group x time interaction was observed on the self-kindness sub- scale (F[1, 47]=4.664, p<0.05), with a significant main effect of time (F[1, 47]=23.723, p<0.001). The isolation subscale showed a significant group x time interaction (F[1, 47]=8.698, p<0.001). For the mindfulness subscale, there was a significant group x time interaction (F[1, 47]=6.611, p<0.05) and main effect of time (F[1, 47]=6.611, p<0.05). MSC training also improved the acceptance emotion regulation strategy, as demonstrated by the significant group x time interaction in the acceptance subscale scores of the Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (F[1, 47]=6.845, p<0.05).

Conclusions : MSC training showed efficacy in fostering self-compassion and improving emotion regula- tion. Thus, this program might be applicable to improve mental health. (Anxiety and Mood 2022;18(1):10-16)


Mindful self-compassion; Anxiety; Depression; Emotion regulation.